What is Ramps on the Moon

Following on from the highly successful production of The Threepenny Opera in Spring 2014, and in recognition of the under representation and employment of disabled people throughout our industry, particularly in “mainstream” theatre, a consortium of theatres successfully applied for a Strategic Touring Fund to undertake a six year programme of work.

Integrating disabled and non- disabled performers and practitioners. This programme aims to achieve a step change in the employment and artistic opportunities for disabled performers and creative teams , and a cultural change in the participating organisations to enable accessibility to become a central part of their thinking and aesthetics.

As part of the project

Each organisation has committed to a programme of organisational change including:

  • Embedding Deaf and disabled people throughout their organisations.
  • Putting access and inclusion on the agenda of all meetings.
  • Creating long term employment and training opportunities for Deaf and disabled individuals.
  • Committing core production expenditure to the project, alongside the specific additional project funding that will be sought.
  • Acting as a hub within its own region to disseminate experience, information and good practice.

Ramps on the Moon Productions

Every year, one of the Ramps on the Moon consortium partners leads on the producing of a large scale touring piece of theatre which is creatively exciting, and has the principles of integration and inclusion at its heart.

The programme of annual productions encompass the strengths of a diverse ensemble of performers, recognising that the skill, diversity and combined energy of such an ensemble makes the project uniquely attractive and appealing to an audience. The criteria for choice of material and style of production includes:

  • A roughly equal mix of Deaf and disabled, and non-disabled performers within a large cast of 18 to 20.
  • An epic piece of ensemble theatre, likely to include music, which will appeal to a
    mainstream audience.
  • A production with an extraordinary, and eye-catching, scale and ambition.
  • Integrated accessibility, in terms of audio description, BSL interpretation, surtitling, etc. included in the aesthetic, and embedded creatively in the production.
  • The material may be an interpretation of an existing play, an adaptation of an existing piece, or especially commissioned.

Integral to the creation of each production are the following:

  • A casting process that allows all theatres in the consortium to input into and learn from.
  • An integrated creative team of Deaf and disabled, and non-disabled practitioners.
  • Learning and development opportunities for Deaf and disabled individuals to enhance their skills in theatre production (creative assistant opportunities).
  • Toolkits developed for audience development and participation programmes to increase Deaf and disabled audiences and participants.
  • Comprehensive evaluation processes and sharing of best practice between consortium partners and across the industry.

Agents for Change

A team of Agents are working across the country in Ramps on the Moon venues to create, administer and advise on how their organisations can increase their inclusivity and increase the opportunities for Deaf and disabled artists, performers, audiences, participants and workforce. Our Agents for Change are employed to drive various organizational change projects; they are developing audiences, creating new relationships and breaking down barriers that individuals or groups may feel will stop them getting involved in our industry.