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Join us for a series of ‘Wellbeing in Making Theatre’ sessions with RTYDS

Deepening practice for D/deaf and disabled directors / theatre makers

Starting on Wednesday 29 July 2020 for eight weeks 11.00am- 1.00pm

We are working in partnership with RTYDS to provide D/deaf and disabled directors and theatre makers with the opportunity to expand their craft and networks. 

RTYDS Director Rachel Bagshaw will be leading a series of six sessions over Zoom drawing on her expertise both as a director and coach and inviting other artists to share their craft and knowledge.

The sessions will explore:

– Wellbeing specifically for D/deaf and disabled artists
– Wellbeing within the rehearsal room.
– Exploring wellbeing practice as part of making work and how it can enable more creative freedom for the whole team.
– How Rachel’s process has developed to embrace the wellbeing of everyone in the room, and use some practical examples of how she works.
– Craft of making theatre from the perspective of the director

The sessions will start from Wednesday 29 July and run weekly for eight weeks (with a one-week break in August)

29 July

5 August

12 August

19 August – No session

26 August

2 September

9 September

16 September

23 September

You can register your interest by completing this form
OR as a BSL video sent to rtyds@rtyds.co.uk
OR let us know if you want to talk us through your answers or tell us if there is another way you want to submit the information by contacting: rtyds@rtyds.co.uk or 0161 883 0296

Taking place on Zoom, these sessions will be live captioned with BSL interpretation provided. We will ensure that access provision is in place for all participants. We would like to encourage you to attend all of the six sessions so that we can build a group dynamic and participants can get to know each other and provide an ongoing network of support.

There will be activities for beyond this project provided by both us at Ramps on the Moon and RTYDS.

This is an opportunity for D/deaf and disabled directors and theatre makers from across England.

If you would like to take part please register your interest by noon on Thursday 23rd July.

You can find out more about our partnership with RTYDS here.


Join us for a series of ‘Wellbeing in Making Theatre’ sessions with RTYDS


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