Graeae has always been much more than just a theatre company. We have pioneered a new ethos, artistic accessible aesthetics and a radical approach to theatre making as well as politically advocating for the right of Deaf and disabled people to have an equal playing field within the arts as artists, writers, directors and audiences.

Ramps on the Moon is an opportunity to share our expertise and through artistic collaboration strength our own skills base and take a whole new generation of Deaf, disabled and non-disabled artists and audience on a new journey of possibility and creating real pathways of progression within the theatre ecology. It is a very necessary and crucial consortium if we are to embrace diversity in the broadest sense of the work and to be bold and make no apology for what we are about to unleash.

Graeae has been pushing this agenda for nearly 33 years and now with some of the most respected theatre institutions on board we are no longer advocating alone. We are part of a bigger team with the same goal and together the impact will be hugely significant not least that It will also shake up the drama schools getting them to realise that it is worth training disabled people because there will be real work out there. It is indeed time to ramp up and finally change the face of British Theatre forever.

Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director Graeae Theatre Company